Solar Power and the Environment: Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to the same coin. Sometimes, it can be difficult to weigh in and decide which side of the coin you’d rather choose. In terms of solar power, we always hear how it’s an excellent source of renewable energy and that it lowers our carbon footprint. While these are true, we … Read more

5 Benefits of Solar Power System for your Home

5 Benefits of Solar Power System for your Home

Today’s the best time to invest in renewable resources and eco-friendly solutions for your home. Innovations to help combat the global rise in temperature, plastic pollution, wastage, and more can be seen everywhere. Some simple examples are ditching the use of plastics, being conscientious of products that you use and one of the most emerging … Read more

Get Rid of Coal Once and For All!

We’re up in arms, ready to fight off climate change. These past years, it’s becoming more evident how global warming is truly affecting our daily lives. The wildfires razing the Amazon, tsunami and earthquake reports, the melting ice caps in the arctic, extreme changes in weather everywhere – we can go on and on. For … Read more