Solar Panels on Your Boat: Is It Worth It?

Solar Panels on Your Boat: Is It Worth It?

Your boat is your sanctuary. It’s your “home away from home” and every time you step into it, you’re embracing the freedom of living off the grid for the time being.

One of the many benefits of owning a boat is that it can provide you with similar comfort to that of your own home while enjoying a picturesque view of the open sea.

Now if you’re about to embark on an adventure that may take more than a few days, have you considered how you can make the trip even more relaxing?

It may be an insignificant thing to point out since you’re used to the noise of gas-powered generators rumbling, but there’s >a better option. And that’s going solar.

Solar Panels on Your Boat

There are four components that you’ll need for a solar power system in your boat:

  1. Solar panels
  2. Charge controller
  3. Inverter
  4. Battery

The most important thing to consider when you install solar panels on your boat is assessing the type of solar panels you’ll need and their size.

>Along with that, finding the best area to place your solar panels will be your top priority since 1) you’ll need an area with the best exposure to sunlight, and 2) you’ll need ample space for the panels.

Once that’s settled, you’ll need a battery where it can store the energy that you harness from the solar panels and a charge controller will then help in controlling the amount of energy stored on the battery so that it won’t get damaged, while an inverter will simply convert AC/DC outputs.

Some of the extras that you may need aside from those mentioned are wires, cables, and mounting equipment for your solar panels.

3 Benefits of Solar Panels on Your Boat

1. You no longer need to purchase fuel!

Since your boat will be powered by solar panels, all you’d need to invest in are the materials and equipment to install them.

This is a great long-term solution for your boating trips because gas has become very expensive and the cost for it also varies depending on the places that you’re to travel to.

To add to that, the maintenance for gas-powered generators versus solar panels is very different! For solar panels, all you’d need to do is clean them from time to time to remove any sort of debris but with generators, it’s more maintenance-heavy.

2. Enjoy the serenity of quiet solar panels

We all hate the noise that generators make; it’s so disturbing, not to mention the amount of smoke and pollution that it produces can be very uncomfortable

With solar panels, you won’t have that problem. It works quietly as a mouse, hence you’re able to enjoy your vacation more.

3. You’re always ready to go!

If you’re raring to go on a trip at the last minute, you need not worry about buying fuel before the trip.

Since solar panels work independently, it will safely generate power even without you there. All the power that it garners will be stored on the battery, ready to be used whenever!

Key Takeaway

The purpose of going out for boating trips is to relax and leave all your worries behind.

That’s what solar panels can help you achieve in the open sea – it offers comfort and convenience so that all you’d need to focus on is enjoying the vacation that you rightfully deserve.

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