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Start saving on your utility bills through our top-shelf quality PV Solar Panels made from high-grade materials that come with a 25 Year Warranty, installed by a 100% licensed crew, and done with unmatched craftsmanship.

Solar + Battery

Maximize your savings potential while avoiding the inconvenience and discomfort of blackouts by choosing our Solar + Battery installation bundle. Your solar panels will help you generate electricity while your batteries allow you to utilize stored power for when the power from the grid goes down.

Solar + Pergolas

Harness the power of the Sun while you get to relax under the shade of our Solar Powered Pergola. It is specifically designed to accommodate solar panels and capture the maximum amount of sunlight through varying angles, making it the perfect alternative to a roof-mounted system.

Solar + Battery + Pergolas

Make the most out of the Sun’s solar energy while maximizing your comfort and convenience by getting our solar-powered pergola and battery system. This way, you can leverage solar energy under the comforting shade of your pergola while having no worries about power blackouts – thanks to your backup batteries.

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