Solar Power and the Environment: Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to the same coin. Sometimes, it can be difficult to weigh in and decide which side of the coin you’d rather choose. In terms of solar power, we always hear how it’s an excellent source of renewable energy and that it lowers our carbon footprint. While these are true, we … Read more

The Truth About Solar Panels at Night and on Cloudy Days

Let’s keep it real. Solar panel installations across the country are increasing, mainly because households are keen to save on their electricity bills. Plus, the Inflation Reduction Act empowered businesses and individuals to make the switch. But there are those who are still on the fence about going solar. Two of the most common questions … Read more

How Do Solar Panels Work?

We’re in dire need of alternative energy nowadays. We need a source that’s reliable, limitless, and of course, easy on the pocket. The solution: solar power. Solar panels convert the energy that it receives from the sun, turning it into electricity; but how exactly does it work and why should you consider using solar panels … Read more