Why did Buddy and his wife switch to solar?

Buddy and his wife replaced their high power bill with a lower solar bill. People think an average solar system costs $32,483, and they’re right. But that’s less than you’re going to pay the power company over the same period of time. Also, most people are eligible to get 26% of their system cost back … Read more

Quick guide to going solar

Everyone knows about solar energy, but most people think of solar energy as just a concept. People think of solar energy as something that only a wealthy or eco-friendly people have on their homes, but don’t realize how obtainable a system is. Advancement in technology and the rapid popularity of solar energy make it not … Read more

A message from your Solar Team -RE: COVID 19

As the world continues to navigate through these unusual circumstances we trust you are taking the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe and assure you, Sunlight Solar is doing the same. Upon doing so, we have taken the following steps to ensure current installations continue with minimal delay and maximizing our efforts … Read more

Have you seen our cover story?

When Midlothian Lifestyle Magazine reached out to us for their April “Eco Issue” we were thrilled with the opportunity to showcase one of our projects as the cover. Our customer, Eric Kothe, was equally enthusiastic to share his success story as well. Having just equipped his home back in December with solar, he was enjoying … Read more