7 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

7 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We’re today, living in a very fast-paced world.

Everything has to be on the go, made digital or automated. Take your home for example; how many appliances do you own that help quicken everyday tasks?

✅ Microwave – for heating leftovers

✅ Juicers and all types of blenders make all kinds of smoothies, sauces, etc.

✅ A smart vacuum, to make cleaning the house less of a hassle.

✅ Dishwasher

✅ In fact, all sorts of smart appliances!

While all these appliances are very beneficial and extremely helpful, they also contribute to your mounting electricity bill.

Now, we all know that these things help make our lives easier on a daily basis.

Let’s find out what else you can do to make your home more energy efficient and add to your savings along the way.

1. Energy Efficiency Packages (EEP

Having your home assessed for its energy efficiency is a great way to help determine:

  • Which appliances need to be upgraded
  • Areas in your home that need to be repaired for cracks or airy openings
  • The status of your home’s insulation
  • Big appliances in need of maintenance, etc.

When your home is evaluated by a qualified technician and you make the necessary changes, you’ll immediately see the difference.

In addition, an EEP works best in tandem with the installation of solar panels because it helps further in offsetting your use of electricity from the grid.

2. Utilizing smartphone apps

We’re living in the digital age! So why not use it to help in maintaining your home?

From Alexa to Google Assistant, there’s a variety of smart apps and devices that can further make your life easier with a few commands.

You need not fret about forgetting whether you left an appliance turned on when you left your house; you can easily control them with the touch of a button on the go from anywhere in the world!

Moreover, there are apps that can monitor, track and alert you about your electricity usage.

3. Adding power down smart devices to your appliances

If your appliances are Energy Star-rated, chances are they can be powered down when not in use. Appliances such as:

  • Space heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Lighting
  • Washer and dryers
  • TV, gaming equipment, etc

Check their instruction manual and learn how you can apply this option to make them more energy efficient.

If your appliances aren’t capable of automatically powering down, you can always buy smart plug adapters that can do such.

4. Install smart lighting

Switching to smart lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to become more energy efficient.

LED has paved the way to help brighten up our homes and use up to 80% less electricity compared to its predecessors.

Take it up a notch and use LEDs that are app-enabled so that you can enjoy automatically turning them on/off at set times, dim them if you wish, and act as motion detectors.

5. Purchase a smart thermostat

Did you know that your HVAC comprises 32% of your home’s electricity usage? It’s true!

Smart thermostats adjust the home’s temperature based on occupancy as well as preference to reduce the time spent in operation.

So, if your HVAC is not regularly maintained or it’s an old model, you may want to invest in a smart thermostat to help regulate its use.

6. Operate your appliances in non-peak times

This is an electricity hack that most people are unaware of.

High demand for electricity = higher consumption of energy.

It may be inconvenient since off-peak hours mean you may be busy with other tasks but it’s a FREE way to reduce your electricity without spending anything.

All you’d have to do is realign your schedule and errands, like dishwashing and laundry, from late hours at night to maybe an earlier time.

7. Installing solar power in your home

Installing solar power in your home will make the biggest impact on making your home energy efficient and at the same time, significantly lower your electricity bill.

Yes, it may be a costly investment but the good news is that you can avail of the zero-down plan and there are plenty of government incentives that you’re eligible for once you’re a solar panel user!

Lastly, it’s a long-term solution for your home because it lasts up to 25 years and more with little maintenance.


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